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Wide Product Ranges

As well as producing the cutting tools for gardening and agriculture use, ARS offers from home use to industrial use such as crafting, stationary, hardware, cooking and many more, and is supported by the specialists in each field.

Quality Control

Quality Control System

ARS established its products quality control system. (We inspect all of our products and we feed back all the information from customer service to the factory).


Based on ARS quality control system, we inspect at each stage of "Raw Material", "Manufacturing" and "Final Products".

Machinery Inspection

Machinery Inspection

In order to prevent the dispersion of the quality, the machinery inspection is applied based on the data system.

The data base is built up from the quality inspection standard and analysed by the computer. The testing machine, which ARS originated, is also applied on these inspections.

The Final Inspection Done by Manually

The Final Inspection Done by Manually

Completely eliminating all the defect products, even a tiny out-of-standard quality, 100% inspection by manually. The final delicate adjustments are carried out by the feeling of cutting and the visual inspection by manually.

Inspecting the feeling of cutting performance on all the products before the shipments.


ARS is the one who launched and set the standard of the Pull-Saw in the world.

ARS is the one who launched and set the standard of the "Pull-Saw" in the world.

"Pull-Saw" is the current standard of Pruning Saw in the world after shifting from the ordinary push-saw.

In fact, it was ARS who first brought the culture of Pulling-Saw to the world.
Nowadays, some of the places in the world where they call the Pulling-Saw as "ARS Style Saw".

Exhibiting at the Trade Shows in the World

Exhibiting at the Trade Shows in the World

ARS has been attending at many shows in the world, such as in Germany, France, Italy, Holland, U.S.A. and so forth, to promote the products in the filed of Professional users to the consumers markets.

In the U.S.A., the 330HN was promoted on TV shopping and has established the statements in a house hold users.