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PRO Saws

Category: PRO Saws
Cutting object: Grapes Fruits Camping Gardening Landscaping
Replacement Blade: PRO-ST 24PRO-1

The Impulse Hardening enhances the durability of the already high standard saw blade.
The stopper system holds the saw firmly in the sheath and prevents it from slipping out.
●Belt Clip
Simple belt clip adjustments ensure the sheath is suitable for both right and left handed users.
The Rubber Coating on the Ergonomically-Designed Grip ensures even greater ease in handling.
●Guiding Roller
A Roller is fixed at the plastic sheath opening which enables the smooth insertion/removal of the saw without damage.
●Leg Straps Loop
By inserting the leg straps through the loops on the sheath, the saw can be safely secured to the leg during pruning work.