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Company Policy

Company Policy

We continue to challenge with the originality and the creativity in order to keep offering the tools of the highest cutting quality to lead to the highest satisfaction and deep impression.

Evere since the establishment in 1876, ARS has always been tackling the innovation of producing the new tools.

The first initiative succession was in the development of pruner which was light and easy to handle. This was produced in different methods by separating the cutting heads and grips, though then it was common to produce the whole part in one piece.

"Off-Sets" tooth of the conventional saws required experienced technique. However, the development of the new production system, made "Off-Sets" tooth no longer needed and it makes the products at always stabilised cutting face.

This semi-automatic production brought a big footprint on the improvement of the quality stabilities with a cost-cutting for the mass production.

We had become the ARS Corporation of Sakai, however, we shall keep improving to become the ARS Corporation of Sekai(means world in Japanese) by continuing the challenging to keep offering the tools of the highest cutting quality to lead to the highest satisfaction and deep impression.

The Outline of ARS

Shigetaka Takigawa
JP¥ 40,000,000.-
Manufacturer & Exporter of Cutting tools, Design & Development of Production Machines
Number of Employee
Head Office
476-3 Handaiji-Cho, Naka-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 599-8267 Japan
Headquarter Factory
476-3 Handaiji-Cho, Naka-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 599-8267 Japan
Sakai 2nd Factory
156-5 Kena-Cho, Naka-ku, Sakai City, Osaka, 599-8267 Japan
Tokyo Branch
2-5-15 Sumitomo-Seimei Higashi kanda Building 11F, Higashi kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0031 Japan
Group Company
2292-6 Mikenoyama, Nojiri-Cho, Kobayashi City, Miyazaki, 886-0213 Japan

History of ARS

1876 : 
The founder Mr. Torakichi Takigawa had started the first production of the history of ARS Corporation with "Tobacco Hocho" the knife to cut the Tobacco.
1913 : 
The second generation, Mr. Yasutaro Takigawa had started the production of dropped-forged products.
1946 : 
The third generation, Mr. Shigetsugu Takigawa had started to re-establish the factory by the production of tailor irons.
1951 : 
The trial production of the pruning shears had been started. Also at the same time, the technology innovation on welding the blades and grips together by the "spot welding" machine had been started. The following year the first "Red Pruning Shears" was released for sale.
1954 : 
The pruning shears with Hard-Chrome Plating was produced for the first time in Japan.
1958 : 
The edges to cut rice plants & the development of house made saw grinding machine had been started. Also the development of "Taper grounded Saw Tooth" had been started. The pruning saw "210DX" was produced.
1962 : 
The soft grip PVC coating has started to be applied on the citrus scissors.
1964 : 
The company was incorporated and the name of the company was changed from Takigawa factory to "ARS Edges Co., Ltd."
1965 : 
The trade mark of crocodile was enacted as corporate logo.
1970 : 
The Gojyo factory was established in Nara prefecture. The development of new products was done by the designers for the first time.
1974 : 
"Impulse Hardening" machine was brought in for the first time from West Germany.
1975 : 
ARS Co., Ltd. was established in Miyazaki prefecture. Mr. Sigetugu Takigawa, then president, was awarded with the prize of the Governor of Osaka Prefecture.
1980 : 
In order to push the office automation technology, the office computer system has started to be installed.
1981 : 
The joint development of technology on the application of ceramics scissors had been started together with "TORAY" Corporation.
1983 : 
The Senboku factory was established. The NC grinding machine with the microcomputer controlling system has been introduced.
1989 : 
Mr. Masuhiko Takigawa, then the managing director, was awarded with the prize of the Governor of Osaka Prefecture.
1992 : 
The company name was changed to "ARS Corporation". The Senboku factory was extended its building.
1995 : 
ARS had become the first factory of "The Long Reach Pruner" to be authorised for being able to mark "SG" logo by Consumer Product Safety Association.
1997 : 
Mr. Shigetaka Takigawa, the forth generation, has been appointed as President. The Tokyo branch & the new warehouse was established.
1998 : 
"Green-Papa" Division was established for repairs and mentenace and recycling which is good for the environment.
2002 : 
ARS web-site was constructed. The LAN system has been installed in the firm. The Showroom was established in the Tokyo Branch & the Senboku factory.
2004 : 
The Head office moved to the Senboku.